A Season’s Wish

As the sun sets on another year
In a world we thought we knew
As we honour memories
And we say goodbye
May our world be filled with
More than just a little Love
And may we greet with brave resolve
The path toward
Horizons unexplored


Camping with Pepi, Johanna Beach, Victoria, December 2010

There will be no new posts for the next couple of weeks, as I will be recharging with friends and family, and in the great outdoors. Β I’ll also be catching up on some reading!

Thank you to everyone for your support, and friendship through this year. Β Looking forward to seeing you in 2013.


  1. lynnkelleyauthor says

    What a beautiful poem. You are soooooooooo talented. Love the photo of Pepi! Enjoy your time off. Recharging rocks!

  2. says

    Alarna, only you could take an impending doomsday and turn it into rebirth and reflection! How beautifully put my dear. And how true. Though the time has passed and all is well, If ever a time of reflection was needed…it is now. We will happily spread this message in hopes that all will read and see that with the passing of the prophetic day, comes a second chance at life…hope! Happy Holidays.

    • says

      Oh, thank you so much for your kind words πŸ™‚ I’ve just gotten back from my holidays, and am slowly making a comeback.

      I hope 2013 is treating you well, and wish you a wonderful year ahead πŸ™‚

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