I’m an aunt, animal lover and writer.

Legend has it that my family found me roaming, bare, in the wild Tasmanian forest and adopted me as a pet.

So, though I’ve learned to adapt to life in an urban jungle, I’m most at home amongst the trees with fur for company.

I love cooking, campfires and creature watching, and hope to inspire others with an appreciation of the wild side of life.

Go here to find out more about what makes this blog rock and…

Welcome to my little den. I hope you like it 🙂


  1. says

    The stilly night is falling, Aussie, and the boy with a hat stops writing, and looks through his window at the moon high on the sky, and hopes one of its moonbeams falls on you…

  2. says

    I look forward to hearing about Pepi. I have two dogs – a Westie called Harry and a cattle dog crossed with a poodle called Clarke. The two boys always supervise my blog writing. I am a Queeslander but have been to Tassie many times and love it.
    cheers Judy 🙂

    • says

      A cattle dog crossed with a poodle? That’s an interesting mix – just saw the picture on your blog – he’s gorgeous! I also spent a few years living in Queensland when my parents decided to leave Tassie for a while. Quite the contrast, but I loved (and miss) the warm 🙂

    • says

      Every award and every compliment is a lovely bonus, to me – thank you! I should probably tell you (as per my Awards page) that I don’t typically ‘do’ awards as such. But your thoughtful nomination means a lot – given some time, I will find a way to show you my appreciation… 🙂

  3. says

    ‘Alarna Rose Gray’, that’s a beautiful name, I might have read this name somewhere before, but I don’t remember, where exactly. 😛

    Your blue eyes and the blue water behind you gives me a feeling that I should start writing something about it. Everything I write, (although, am a poor writer) I’m sure, would turn out as beautiful as the beautiful thoughts I’ve in my mind, by looking at this sight of yours. 🙂

  4. says

    Had to laugh abut the bit of being found wondering around in Tassie! We love camp fires, and camp cooking – was actually out and about on the weekend, but more on that later. Enjoy the “wild”…

  5. says

    hello, Alarna Rose… thanks for the visit and for leaving traces. much appreciated 🙂

    hey, am ashamed to confess but i have not read a book, any book from amazon (am i the only one?). do you think i can also have a copy of your book about Pepi for a song? i sing badly but yes, I do, hahaha.

    thanks again and warm regards. ~ San

    • says

      You would be far from the only one who hasn’t read from Amazon – it’s still pretty new to me, truth be told!

      No need to sing for the book 😉 Just send me your email and, if you’re so inclined, click follow. It would be my pleasure to send you a copy 🙂

  6. supernova says

    Hi there Alarna, glad to have found your blog and I look forward to your future posts. We share a lot in common as I love nature and the wild with a deep passion, I spend a lot of time out there. It will be great to have a chat in the future about things, I’m very pleased to meet you and send my best wishes, James 🙂

  7. says

    Hi Alarna,
    Would you be willing to participate in something we are doing for Susie Lindau on Friday morning? I am contacting as many of her followers as possible. My thought is that we all post on our own blogs on Friday with the same title, “Susie Strong”. The content would say something simple like, We are thinking of you. I haven’t known Susie for long but this blogging world is such a family. I thought it would be nice for her to see this message from as many of us as possible. Her husband is going to be updating us after her surgery. He can tell her or she can see it once she is up to it. Are you in? Thanks, Maria aka brickhousechick

    • says

      Hi Maria,
      This is a lovely idea – so thoughtful of you! Thanks for contacting me.
      Friday is my usual day to post, and though I wasn’t planning to do one this week, I think I’d like to give this a go. Susie’s a wonderful inspiration in the blogosphere…Let me see what I can come up with.

  8. says

    I love your blogs, your photos are very beautiful. I’ll be back… I also have a second blog on old pictures.
    SENSUALITE | La beauté à l’état pure

  9. says

    Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination
    I have nominated your blog for this award. I sincerely hope you will accept and then nominate and encourage other inspiring blogs. Please read the rules and responsibilities on the link below. Keep up the great writing and photography.

  10. says

    Coucou ami(e) blogueur

    Je t’ai nominé (e) pour le Versatile Blogger Award

    J’espère que celà te plaira

    Voic i le lien pour y accéder, et voir quelques règles ” très gentilles ”


    Toutes mes félicitations, et bonne continuation, cher(e) ami (e)

  11. says

    I love the part about your family finding you in the Tasmanian forest. I’m also happiest whenever around trees or the ocean and have been known to let out an occasional Tarzan yelp. Happy to meet you in this crazy way!

  12. says

    Hi Alarna,

    I love to be here on your blog, a masterpiece indeed !!
    it’s a very great feeling.

    Only an Enlightened soul can have this sort of compassion and love for
    Nature, Creatures and ‘Soul in Non-human format’ i.e. Animals.

    And you are the one with a golden heart and enlightened mind.
    Love the way you portrait each of your post.


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