Hello Pepi


Hello Pepi : A Toy Dog is for Real is a small seven-part series about a little dog who exploded onto the scene of Alarna Rose Gray’s life, and gave her sixteen years of joie de vivre.

It is a story about love and friendship, as well as the adventures, lessons and mishaps that come with parenting a tiny dog.

Told in verse, with whimsical illustrations by Kim Sponaugle, it is a series that grownups and littlies alike will love to read.

TakeMeHomeWhat readers are saying:

“The verse is smart, sweet and wonderful to read aloud.  The illustrations make me nostalgic for picture books from my childhood.”

“Delightful verse! Darling stories! I think kids are going to fall in love with this series.”

“Pepi is a hot favorite in our home…featuring regularly in Junior’s dinner discussions..won’t be long before he says,’Mum, can I have a puppy too !!’  :)”

Books 1 to 5 are currently available on Amazon:

Hello PepiPepi's First ThingsPepi Goes ParkiesPMMPMH

Books 6 and 7 coming soon!

For more information and background on the story, see also:

Alarna Rose Gray’s post, The Best Man in My Life

Guest post with Coleen Patrick, Pepi the Dog and the Million Little Things of Friendship

Mamta Chakravorty’s review, Hello Pepi: A Toy Dog for Real


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