Small is Big

While many of you have been enjoying that last of summer’s sizzle, this past fortnight saw me huddled in my own bundle of mid-winter misery.

So here I was on Monday, fighting off my winter woes, when a precious little package arrived in the mail…


Inside was a hand-painted wooden box…


A gorgeous hand-crafted bracelet…


A curious note…


And a hand-written letter from a special faraway nephew

DSC01090It’s been almost a year since Pepi passed away, and his story was released into the digital landscape of endless ones and zeros.

Who knew he would capture the imagination of young men and colourful painters half a moon away, and come back to nudge me with his little button nose?

“So much personality in such a tiny package!” someone said about him, once.

And they were right. He was always so much bigger than I gave him credit for…


Somehow, the writer boy reached through the fabric of reality and delivered an enormous Pepi-shaped hug – just when I needed it. I am deeply moved.

Who is Oliver Colors? Where will Pepi’s legend show up next? Only time will tell…

Thank you, Vincent Mars, for this rare and beautiful gift. YOU will never be forgotten.

Tell me about something small you feel is a BIG deal…


  1. Catherine Johnson says

    I had no idea the boy with the hat was your nephew, that is so cool! Sorry to hear about your dog, he looked ever so cute. *hugs*

  2. says

    Pepi charmed me when I “met” him via the installments of your book. I’m glad he entered my life. I’m glad, too, to meet your charming nephew. The box and bracelet capture Pepi’s spirit and adorableness.

    Hang in there. Spring is coming.

  3. says

    What a timely gift from your nephew, full of love for a dear aunt. I didn’t know Vincent Mars was your nephew, creative and talented and wanting to pass on the legacy of Pepi.

  4. says

    That is such a beautifully made and thoughtful gift!! Kudos to Vincent Mars!! 🙂
    It is always nice to know that someone, somewhere has your best interest at heart, and will always lend you a shoulder to lean on.

  5. liz says

    This is unbelievably touching, Alarna. Wow. What a precious gift and the best hug you could have received. Just adorable.xx

  6. says

    An artful creation, visual, and punctuated with colour, and literary effect, such an incredible hug. I’ll have to think about the something small/BIG deal.

  7. says

    Luv this Alarna~not just the gift and the thought and work behind it. But that your Pepi touched so many lives. What a special pup he was!! Dogs are so much more than many give them credit for. My mother’s dog, (Pepi) not kidding, a Pomeranian probably saved my mother’s life after my father died. She clung to that dog and found a way to get past the pain of losing a man she’d been married to for forty-nine years. Some might think it strange, I thank God everyday for him. And it sounds to me like both Pepi’s we’re spectacular creatures worthy of gifts of honor.

    • says

      Wow, I love that your Mum had a Pomeranian called Pepi! That’s so beautiful. I can totally understand how he would have filled that role for her… They are like a physical connection to our past – and take their roles very seriously, too! When Pepi went, I was distraught, not just about him, but all the memories and history and love attached to him. It was like the end of an era. Which is why they are so much bigger than their size. xoxo

  8. says

    And just think — in a few years, you’ll be like “oh, no, another Pepi package — I thought I told my publicist not to send those to me anymore.” Just kidding — I doubt this is the kind of thing you’d be likely to get tired of, even when you are a global children’s book-writing sensation.

  9. Deliberately Delicious says

    What an incredibly thoughtful gift! Perhaps, Alarna, you are the inspiration for The Boy with the Hat’s inky haired girl 🙂

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