It’s been a month of important dates – birthdays and anniversaries, culminating in a family reunion. With my mother and her twin turning 70, and my brother turning 40, our families got together for the first time in a decade. In ten years, we lost one and gained nine, bringing our number up to 25.

After two nights eating, sleeping, cooking, laughing, crying and reminiscing under one roof, we all dispersed back to our busy lives. Months of planning and, suddenly, there’s nothing left but a sensory impression of what was…

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 11.40.03 PM

There is something non-linear about reunion.

Once removed

As if all the parts, once removed, don’t reassemble how they were.

Your place

You’re home and yet, you don’t quite know your place.

Bending reality

There’s a bending of reality.

Girl pointing

A girl pointing the finger.


Where do we start?

Many a slip

There’s many a slip in our perception

What once was

Of What Once Was versus What Is.

Site shift

Site shift.




Memories playing tricks.

Horizon 1

What we thought was locked in the museum



Passage secret

Is there a passage secret to

Diminish and ascend

The way that we diminish and ascend?


We fetch the ghosts of our past

Washed up

But find ourselves washed up

East of the mulberry tree

East of the mulberry tree.

Plastic world

Plastic people, in a plastic world.

Shared weight

We laugh and, under a shared weight, ask


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  1. says

    What an amazing post Alarna. Love the pics and the words that went with them. So subtle and sensitive… and a brilliantly oblique way of conveying the feelings about your re-union…
    Wonderful light in all the pics…

  2. says

    Love the art. Each one got me thinking about its origin — how do people come up with such amazing ideas and then actually turn them into concrete visuals? You did a nice job linking your thoughts along with the images, too. 🙂

  3. says

    Love the pictures!
    Memory is a funny thing. A couple of weeks ago, I met someone who used to be a neighbor who reminisced. Some of his memories never happened. Since they were happy ones, who was I to tell him he was thinking of someone else???? Ha!
    Glad you got together!

  4. says

    25? My oh my! If my mother dies, which I think might happen during the next 10 years, I will probably end up being an orphan. How about adoption, faraway aunt?

    Fabulous sculptures.

  5. says

    I can relate to what you said about the parts not necessarily coming together the way they once did — that’s actually one of the (admittedly few) aspects of family reunions I like, because it’s interesting to me to see people grow and thus to disrupt the preexisting “family system.”

  6. says

    As always Alarna a true treat coming to your blog. Those pics we’re unbelievable & make me think what I always have. How neat it would be to see the world thru Alarna’s eyes. I’m hoping Inion will read this & be inspired. Her High School reunion is coming up & I’ve done everything I can to encourage her to go. (well except for grounding her which I can no longer do thx to her I don’t get it. She’s lost 110 pounds since then; published 3 books & is very happy in her life. But she’s adamant & won’t bend. Coarse me, I think it’s important so hopefully this will rub off on her. Or she’ll yell at me for bringing it up. Lmao. Either way, I enjoyed taking part in yours.

    • says

      High school reunion…now that takes it to a whole new level! To be honest, I’ve not been brave enough to go there yet…for some reason family seems less intimidating 🙂 But it sounds like the gorgeous young Inion has nothing to lose by going, so maybe she will surprise you yet? So glad you enjoyed the view 😉 xo

  7. says

    I like what you said about the removed parts not reassembling or fitting again. When my grandmother died, we stopped getting together as an extended family. She was the center of gravity.

  8. says

    Those were amazing pictures! And the things you said about reuniting with your family very much reminded me of what it was like to return home after traveling for the better part of a year. So much different, so much the same.

  9. says

    haha, may i say that the series is playful as well as artistically done? yes, it is… 🙂 hello, Alarna. hey, you were supposed to be enjoying the beach, nottaking pics and thinking of captions to put in. what the… 😉


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