Dragon Slayer

What is it about dragons? Every tradition has one or, at least, East and West each have their own mythical variant of the diabolical beast.

Australia doesn’t really belong to either tradition, which is probably why we have to resort to recycling dragons…

Melbourne’s very own Dragons of Targaryen.

Melbourne’s very own Dragons of Targaryen.

Or, how about a PET Dragon (made from recycled plastics)?

Or, how about a PET Dragon (made from recycled plastics)?

It’s understandable. Who wouldn’t want a pet dragon or two with which to smite thine enemy?


When I stumbled across this quiz on Twitter, I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna be a dragon!’

Anyway, I took the quiz, and it reminded me of that moment on Buffy before Willow turned badass

"Oh thanks. Old reliable? Yeah, great, there’s a sexy nickname!"

“Oh thanks. Old reliable? Yeah, great, there’s a sexy nickname!”

I mean, a Fish? Seriously??


Talk about boring old reliable.

But then I got to thinking. We all descended from fish, right? Even the dragon…

First the fish, then the legless lizard, then the four legged fire-breathing fiend.

Really, that makes me the First and Original badass.

Stonefish. Australia’s master of camouflage – the most venomous fish in the world!

It reminds me of one of my favourite songs, End of May by Keren Ann.

Close your eyes and make a wish
Under the stone there’s a stonefish…
Hold your breath and roll the dice
You haven’t seen me disguised yet!

One step wrong, and dragons be gone!

I guess that means there’s more to fish than meets the eye. So now I’m cool with that 🙂

Happy End of May, friends of the blogosphere!

What House do you belong to? Any secret powers you possess?


  1. NotAPunkRocker says

    I was a Stark last time I took one of these. Not sure how well that will bode in the long run!

  2. lynnkelleyauthor says

    I got House Stark. I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, though! Still fun to take the quiz. I love the dragon made from recyclables, and that little pet dragon looks pretty mean! Fun post, Alarna. I hope you have a great weekend. How can May be coming to a close already? We need to slow these months down bit!

    • says

      If you find the secret to slowing or rewinding time, I want to be the first to know!

      Game of Thrones can be a bit bloody, at times, but plenty to keep one coming back. I think you’d enjoy it, Lynn…As for House of Stark, not for the faint-of-heart, that one 🙂

  3. says

    Fun blog, Alarna. I’m just another reliable House Tully, too.There is a house around here with a purple dragon painted on it. I wonder if the owner has any friends. 🙂 The year is slipping away. Have a great weekend.

  4. says

    The Land Down Under has basically the most venomous species of all kinds in the world, doesn’t it? I heard that in the bush there are actually trees that can kill you if you touch them, not to mention the tarantulas, snakes, etc. It breeds a hardy and resourceful people, I’m sure.

  5. says

    I love quizzes like that. I haven’t seen that one before, so I’ll have to take a look later. I think reliable is a wonderful quality to have. One of my best friends is reliable, and that’s probably one of the traits I love best about her. I just know she will always come through for me, and I can’t say that about everyone.

    And, yes, I love dragons. I’m almost certain one lives under my house. 🙂

  6. says

    I’ve got House Targaryen and I love the description: All you want is a quiet, peaceful life, but that and any other chance at happiness you ever had has been ripped away from you. So you’re of a mind to just go murder everyone for it. Lol! I really need to get into Game of Thrones!

    • says

      Oh my, the much envied Dragon! I would never have thought such a thing of the rose whisperer… But then again, maybe that makes perfect sense – be guarding that sanctuary, I say! 😉 And you absolutely must get into Game of Thrones. In fact, I am slowly collecting the DVDs, so maybe its time we met and you can borrow from the lending library??

  7. says

    Fun to think about and my children are jealous that I was born in the year of the dragon, we are mad dragon fans here. A stone fish would be cool too a silent danger, just sitting and waiting patiently for its enemy Alarna. I love those wire dragon sculptures, too cool.

    • says

      Year of the Dragon. That’s pretty neat…if I were them, I would be jealous too! The stonefish…well, it has its edge, but definitely no charisma there 🙂 I drive past those dragons regularly…love them to bits!

  8. says

    How interesting about the stonefish. Most venomous fish in the world?? My son is an avid fisherman, I’ll have to ask him if he’s heard of it. I knew you were badass but now… WOOT! 🙂

  9. says

    There was a stonefish in the middle of a school yard once many years ago, no one knew where it came from being hundreds of miles inland, and no one owned up to it either.

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