Centre of the Universe

I’ve been finding myself unusually socially active of late, so much so that my cousin recently invited me for a girls’ night at her place and was surprised to find I had another engagement.

“But you’re normally a bit of a recluse, aren’t you?” she says, and I’m forced to admit that I don’t ordinarily have a life.

The truth of the matter is sometimes I spend as much energy trying to avoid human contact as I do actually engaging.

But this year’s different.

There’s a certain calm in the air, the kind that whispers ‘just go with the flow’.

Since it was the Queen’s Birthday holiday last weekend, I had the chance to do just that.

Some friends took Ms and I on a 12km walk to the Centre of the Universe…


We start out from Trentham, following an old railway track into the nearby bushland home of the endangered Powerful Owl.





No owls, but a local Kookaburra enjoys a moment in the sun as we pass by.


Wild fungi and moss thrive in the cool damp of the forest.



Wildflowers, too.



The trail takes us to Lyonville, but what I don’t expect to find is this:

Warm hearth, mellow tunes and a glass of wine to wash it down at the Radio Springs Hotel.

If this is what lives at the Centre of the Universe, then next time you go looking, you will probably find me there 😉

Where have you been, lately?





  1. says

    This was fun and I’m so happy to see what a Kookaburra looks like! (I have a CD from National Public Radio about birds and there was a story about Kookaburras on it … so literally earlier today I wondered what one looks like and here you’ve put one up! Thank you!)

    That looks like a lovely day. What is wintery weather like there? Still warmish? Or cool?

    • says

      Wow, how’s that for synchronicity! There were plenty of laughing Kookas as we walked 🙂 The weather has turned cool, but it’s still been unseasonally warm for this time of year. The climate is a-changing!

      • says

        This is two for synchronicity with you. After my comment about the turtles, a (single) turtle crossing happened.

        Perhaps we should talk about all animals having good homes. 🙂

        The climate is changing. Frankly, it freaks me out that it is.

      • says

        Yes, let’s put that vibe out there! Climate change is freaky. Considering yesterday I stumbled upon a 1990 magazine which was already talking about the environment and household sustainability and I’m wondering…what’s changed since then?

  2. says

    Very nice, Alarna! My husband used to go owling when he was younger which entailed getting up in the middle of the night to search for and ‘call’ owls. He can do their different calls pretty well. It was exciting when they would respond back and then he would spot them. Since kids and work and real life, he has not gone. Perhaps you could visit the Centre of the Universe at 3:00 am. 🙂

    • says

      There’s one thing about wildlife people – you have to be dedicated to being awake when others are sleeping! I do love owls… Maybe if I hung out at the pub a while, I might be brave and inspired for 3am 🙂

  3. says

    What a wonderful post, Alarna. I felt like I was there with you (very nice music) 😀

    How is the weather in Vic? It’s been coolish here in the tropics so I can’t imagine it’s been warm in the southern states 😉

    • says

      Well, the weather has turned cold, but warmer and more humid than it should be. It’s alarming for this time of year, so things are what we might call topsy-turvy! So glad to have you there with me 🙂

  4. says

    Am glad you got out and went on this lovely walk, Alarna, and found the Center of the Universe. Thanks for the picture of the Kookaburra, except I can’t get the children’s song out of my head. 🙂

  5. karenmcfarland says

    Sometimes it pays to take a little time for ourselves Alarna. Live is too short. So true. Love the pics and the musical accompaniment to the center of your universe! ((Hugs!))

  6. says

    I haven’t been anywhere near as nice as that. Mostly to work and back, with weekend side trips to the farmers market and Capital Lake. No tunes, no wine, definitely no kookaburra.


  7. says

    I can definitely relate to the preferring to stay home bit. But I usually find that if I just force myself to go out and meet up with people, I rarely regret it. Sounds like you had my kind of excursion 🙂

  8. says

    Sounds wonderful Alarna and I especially LOVED that image of the three mushrooms it is beautiful and straight out of fairyland. Your weekend makes me want to get away from the peace and quiet and go somewhere else where there is peace and quiet….

    • says

      Haha, I like that – it’s just the change of scenery we sometimes need 🙂 Parts of the bush did have a fairyland quality about them. If we’d eaten those mushrooms, we might have been transported!

  9. says

    Hi Alarna, so sorry we’ve been blogging ghosts as of late! Still trying to finish the books for publication; 1 down 1 to go! We’ve missed coming by your blog, for sure and reading your incredible posts as told by a unique voice. A say unique because where as most bloggers are social butterflies, you my dear are just like Inion. An introvert at heart and a quietly unique soul!!! Just as you said, in this post. What I love about it, is that January 2014 Inion made a New Years Resolution, (a first for sure) to force herself outside her writing room and into the world!! And it sounds like both of you are succeeding in your ventures. So proud of you girls!! My daughter who has now got a personal life outside of her writing has blossomed like the flower in your post, as you have my dear!! These pics we’re absolutely breathtaking, Alarna!! Sharing them now. xo ❤ Btw~Ging is going to love the toadstools as they are a favorite of hers!!! 😉 xo

    • says

      Some of us were just musing about the little bit of fairyland magic in those mushrooms 😉 I’m glad Ginger is getting out and about. Sometimes the time is just right and then we retreat awhile again. Knowing when to force it and when not to is the tricky part! I hope the writing is going well. I’ve become a ghost myself of late, so don’t worry about it! Spirit buddies understand 😉 xo

  10. says

    Hi Alarna, just found you through Beth’s interview of Inion N Mathair, who are my online sisters 🙂 I was happy to stumble over here to find a kindred spirit. I have many mossy, mushroomy photos too and getting out of my beach cave is always a challenge. I’m so busy reading, writing and gardening, weeks sometimes slip by with no human contact.
    Also,like you, I have been inspired to get out more lately…something in the air?
    I look forward to keeping in touch with your blog. I really loved looking around…will be back for more.
    Patti, a gypsy cave woman

    • says

      A gypsy cave woman… I like the sound of that! So pleased to meet you, Patti, and thank you for stopping by and reading and introducing yourself as an extended member of the warm and lovely Inion N Mathair clan! I’m looking forward to an extended visit to your cave, and the mossy mushrooms. What is it about mushrooms, I wonder? They always seem to draw my camera out 🙂

  11. says

    As a fellow recluse, I can relate.. Every so often, I let myself be drawn along on an adventure and remember how good that can feel Great photos. Your plants and animals look so exotic to us up here in Canada. Thanks for the multi-media sharing. Kim

  12. says

    Good for you! I spent the last few years as a recluse, but since moving to Portland I’ve totally stepped up my social game. It’s been awesome. Am I sitting and writing as much? No. But I’m gaining plenty of dialogue, experiences, and goodies for future projects.

    • says

      We need to feed the muse, right? Portland indeed seems full of worthwhile distractions, and I think where we live has a lot to do with it. I’m itching for some inner city living, maybe for the same reason.

  13. says

    This is the first time I am seeing a picture of a Kookaburra.The Kookaburra song was one of my favourites as a child! 😀
    I have been giving a series of exams the last couple of months, and have been away from the blogging world. But I did manage to fly to Bhutan in the middle of it all.
    Great to see that you have been on the go and having fun! 🙂

    • says

      So glad you finally got to see what a Kookaburra looks like! (Better in real life, of course 😉 ). I noticed things you’ve been a bit quiet, and no wonder! Hope your exams went well and look forward to hearing all about your Bhutan adventures.

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