Dear Reader,

I love your presence at my blog.  I cherish your comments.  I look forward to returning the favor, to finding out new things about new people, and to sharing the love.

But I’m also the slowest person I know to do most things.  I like to take my time.  To think.  And then to act, organically.

For this reason, I hope you will understand my policy not to participate in Blog Awards.

For those who do participate, I mean no offence.  Nominating fellow bloggers for awards shows your appreciation and brings many people joy.  The world could use more of that in any way it comes.

It is just not a way that works for me.

For one thing, I’m too slow.

For another, I’m very task focused, and thinking of who to nominate under pressure will just cause me stress.

Many people inspire me for different reasons.  In my own time, it is likely these people will be mentioned in my blog, or Retweeted, or in some other way shown love.

For instance, my inspiration for this post has come from a fellow blogger at Live. Grow. Nourish. Create.

I found her post when I was searching for answers on the topic.  It was a reasoned and eloquent response to the questions that I had, and I am very grateful.

On that note, I’m privileged if you have considered me for an award and hope that you will join me on the journey, anyway.

Much love,

Alarna Rose Gray


  1. Amyth banerjee says

    Your simplicity is just mesmerizing, you are calm and a composed person, a good natured human being that is no doubt and an equally delightful blog full of pompous positivity!

  2. Andrea says

    My Alarna…. you are my inspiration for true happiness. Your words touch my heart as does your honesty and passion. You don’t need to worry about any awards… except for the one I give you here… my heart!

    xxxx, your rain

  3. says

    I was poking around to see if you accepted awards for this very reason. 😉 Please know that I was considering you for one because I think you’re the bee’s knees, lovely lady. I 100% respect your reasoning for not choosing to participate in them, but wanted you to know how highly I think of you and your blog. xoxo

    • says

      Beth, that is so very sweet of you. It means a lot just to know you thought of me, let alone the effort you’ve taken to visit, read and comment. Bees knees back to you, Writer B 😉 xoxo


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