Get Real

The last domino has crash landed on the eve of 2015. It’s been such a mad rush to the finish line I’ve not had a chance to fill you in on the most important happenings this side of tomorrow.

Soon-to-be Flat Person

Soon-to-be Flat Person

It’s time for a career change.

And, by that, I’m not referring to my love affair with football. We all knew that would only be a short term fling.

Nor am I talking about writing, which will always be the end game, no matter the mirage that stretches in between the Me and It.

I’m talking about REAL WORLD stuff. And the need to live in it. To breathe and touch and listen to it. To be. 3D. Again.

Don’t you ever feel that? Like you’ve spent so long staring into a flat screen that you might any second turn into a flat person, whose beating heart has no where to go except up, and out, and bursting ’til you scream, and smash something, and run away and join a commune where the only technology is a hand held water pump and real life people for defibrillators.


It’s ok. I’m not going to join a commune.

But I have completed a first aid course. And I have been studying to regain my humanity, in the form of a Certificate III in Aged Care.

In exactly four days (but whose counting?) I will be commencing a full time 120 hour placement in an Aged Care Facility, after which I will be licensed to kill claw back some of the feeling in my fingers and toes after a lifetime of sedentary labour.

Hell, what have I done?

Actually, the hardest part so far has been finding a pair of black, non-figure hugging pants with real, functional pockets. See! Even the fashions are trying to make us flat.

I don’t want to be a flat person.

I want to get my hands dirty. To know that what I am doing to survive is worth something to someone else. That it is real.

Just like these tomato plants, that burst out of my compost unannounced.


There will be a place for writing, I am sure of it. Once the Certificate is passed, a job and a routine is established.

A short term disruption for longer term gain. Survival. Stability. A sense of self worth. All necessary ingredients for a writer to write. And to mean it.

So, I guess what I’m saying is, 2015 is the year to Get Real. Who wants to join me? Go on, I dare you to 😉

Happy New Year, loyal bloggers. What’s your phrase for the year ahead?