Not Responding

It’s been one of those weeks.

My Monday inspired this tweet…


…and by Friday, it’s looking like mental health takes more than a day.

I had today’s post all planned out – at least in my head.  I was going to regale you with stories of cute furry animals, and a list of excuses reasons why I haven’t made it to your posts this week.

But last night, during an unusually last minute attempt to get the post ready, my Internet Service Provider decided it was time to have an outage.

I woke up this morning to find the three little videos I was trying to upload to YouTube were still at 1%.  And everything was down.

Not responding

The only thing I had left was email access on my very old Nokia 😦

I’m yet to decide if this is the universe’s way of teaching me a lesson in procrastination.  Or if it is trying to tell me that it’s time to get an iPhone…

I’ve been putting off getting an iPhone, so maybe it’s a lesson in both?

The thing is, I’m scared.

Just the other day I went out for afternoon tea, and except for kitchen clatter, the place was silent.  Filled with people sitting together at tables, glued to their iPhones!

Then I read the first of Nina Badzin’s iPhone intervention series, “Help! My iPhone Has Taken Over My Life” – and I was less than reassured.

The thing is, I already have difficulty staying present in my real life.

At least, that’s what I think Monday’s boiled egg explosion proves…


Hmm, I wonder, is being more connected really what I need right now?

This could be the dilemma of the century.  So I’m turning to you for answers.

Is it time to upgrade my phone?  Will I ever be able to disconnect again?  How do you people do it???