Thanks for Being YOU

Many of you will know the private blogger nightmare so well articulated in Valerie Davies’ post on Bloggers Complexes.

My own little complex was recently solved by the delightful and talented Coco J. Ginger.  The next best gift, following her surprise visit to my blog, was being offered “an imaginary award in which you do not have to do anything, but just be happy”.

Like a blogger reborn, I found myself soaring with the weight of a lifted burden, and looking at my little bundle of neglected awards, I at last knew what I had to do.

To all those people who have been so thoughtful as to nominate me for an award – despite what may appear to be my ungracious refusal to participate – this one is for you 😉

Delirious prose of supreme poetesses
Powerful rebirth of Phoenix goddesses
Dames of the nyght and the sun, moon and stars
You are the Venus to many the Mars

Young teenage men with ambiguous notions
World scholars dealing in happiness potions
Peace-loving fellows with wheels for their wings
Yours is a world fit for nobler kings

Kind hearted souls giving pause to good karma
Eyes tuned to hearing the wild’s hidden drama
Tread lightly trekkers whose world is their muse
You are the jazz to the ponderer’s blues

When the blog bites
When the guilt burns
What else can I do?
But simply remember what each blogger yearns –
And thank you for being YOU!

Now, if I’ve made the fatal error of leaving someone out who should be on this list, please give me a gentle nudge below 😉  If not, tell me, for what do you yearn (or, alternatively, what makes you burn)?


Credit for images goes as follows:

  • Stork in the night by Tinneketin, courtesy stock.xchng
  • Music Band 2 by fangol, courtesy stock.xchng


  1. sheevi says

    oh wow..lovely poem..a unique style of receiving the awards..kudos!!
    and yup thanks for the mention..the tag you just gave is so big!!

  2. Amyth banerjee says

    I very well….. know your conditions for not receiving any awards, and it is something you personally do not approve of….. A quality which i like about you, you are genuinely humble and i know that you are here because you love to write and this passion is genuine and not one which is influenced by any other thing. Taking notes from you i decided to break some rules, just to tell you that for a person who loves writing can get recognition that they deserve and as they want it to be. So here is a small treat for you
    All you need to do is make an exception this time and you do not have to follow any annoying drill of nominating people, it is something just for you! 🙂
    Do lemme know about it!
    Stay Mystified! 😀

      • Amyth banerjee says

        Phew….. i thought you might refuse this one too….. but that is good to see…. that you accepted it….. So good to know that….. 😀

  3. says

    Firstly, before my Swiss Cheese brain loses its ability to remember what it was doing, thank you for such a lovely and creative way to thank those who have passed awards on to you. When I got my first few award nominations I politely ignored them. Then I realized something (or imagined it, but this is the way I feel, anyway). Awards aren’t as much about the receiving as they are about the giving. That was a lesson that my ex Father-in-law had taught me about receiving blessings from my Church. By not accepting the offer of a blessing, in essence, I was depriving the priests of the opportunity to do God’s work. Personally, when I give a blogger an award, I don’t keep track of who accepts and who doesn’t. I’ve done what made me happy already in nominating them. Just my thoughts on the subject. All in all, I just wanted to say thanks to you for you being you, too [said the “Cat in the Hat”]

    • says

      Hey there Kip, I must confess, I have never found the issue of giving and receiving very simple to navigate. It is easy to focus on implied obligations, and completely overlook the genuine intent behind a gift. But your words are very wise – thank you. You give me much pause for thought 🙂

  4. liz says

    i love this imaginary award. when i think about it, the awards floating around the blogosphere should be just given. how much nicer would that be? without the expectation of responding in a certain way, following rules (which gives me high anxiety and makes me want to turn away. i’m not really a grinch), i have the freedom to “pay it forward” however i wish. i love your creativity and will definitely check out your blog links. thanks!


    • says

      Yes, I think there’s something to be said for spontaneous giving! But like Kip said, most people do participate with genuine appreciation, and probably aren’t even that bothered what happens after that. So, in that case, I’m happy to accept love however it’s given (even if I don’t play by the ‘rules’) 😉

  5. says

    That was such a clever way of going about the awards “thing.” I don’t ever participate . . . not because I feel “above” it. It just gets repetitive after you’ve been blogging for at least a year.

  6. Ralph says

    Alarna. Just a quick thank you for your very kind comment that you tendered in my blog. I am overwhelmed with your generosity. Thank you. Ralph x

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