Thanks for Being YOU

Many of you will know the private blogger nightmare so well articulated in Valerie Davies’ post on Bloggers Complexes.

My own little complex was recently solved by the delightful and talented Coco J. Ginger.  The next best gift, following her surprise visit to my blog, was being offered “an imaginary award in which you do not have to do anything, but just be happy”.

Like a blogger reborn, I found myself soaring with the weight of a lifted burden, and looking at my little bundle of neglected awards, I at last knew what I had to do.

To all those people who have been so thoughtful as to nominate me for an award – despite what may appear to be my ungracious refusal to participate – this one is for you 😉

Delirious prose of supreme poetesses
Powerful rebirth of Phoenix goddesses
Dames of the nyght and the sun, moon and stars
You are the Venus to many the Mars

Young teenage men with ambiguous notions
World scholars dealing in happiness potions
Peace-loving fellows with wheels for their wings
Yours is a world fit for nobler kings

Kind hearted souls giving pause to good karma
Eyes tuned to hearing the wild’s hidden drama
Tread lightly trekkers whose world is their muse
You are the jazz to the ponderer’s blues

When the blog bites
When the guilt burns
What else can I do?
But simply remember what each blogger yearns –
And thank you for being YOU!

Now, if I’ve made the fatal error of leaving someone out who should be on this list, please give me a gentle nudge below 😉  If not, tell me, for what do you yearn (or, alternatively, what makes you burn)?


Credit for images goes as follows:

  • Stork in the night by Tinneketin, courtesy stock.xchng
  • Music Band 2 by fangol, courtesy stock.xchng

A Moonbeam Lullaby

A couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to a boy with a hat.

He is worthy of admiration for having taught himself English in just three years.  Now, he has greater mastery of the language than many natives that I know.  It’s a bit intimidating.

One particular day, we were (or, at least, I was) bemoaning the demise of handwriting by its fine rival, the keyboard.

I happened to let slip that the only use I have for my scrawl these days is writing in a gift card.

“Oh! Will you send me one too?” he asks. “Leave it for me on your windowsill (tie it with a red ribbon so I know it’s from you)…”.

I had to ponder this challenge a while, which now makes me a little ashamed to call myself a creative writer.

The solution, though, is one of the reasons I had to free up space in my posting schedule 🙂

So, in honour of the boy who inspired me to let the moonlight in – this one is for you… 😉

Do you send gift cards? What do you love about sending or receiving them?

If you’d like me to leave you a gift card on my windowsill – don’t be shy! Just leave  a comment, with a link to a favourite post of yours that may inspire or intrigue me. Tell me something about yourself and your passions – you never know where it may lead 🙂


I’m no graphic artist, so credit for the images assembled goes as follows:

  • Vintage envelope by dubyadesig courtesy stock.xchng
  • Red ribbon by kunistvan courtesy stock.xchng
  • Owl in the moonlight by rknds courtesy stock.xchng
  • Vintage card by ba1969 courtesy stock.xchng