Fast Forward to the Fifties

So it’s official. Australia is returning to the 1950’s freakin’ dark ages.

Remember this guy from my post a few weeks back?

Ditch WitchThe guy who happily stood in front of the “Ditch the Witch…Bob Brown’s Bitch” banner, and then said Julia Gillard was being “too precious”?

Yep. It obviously struck a chord with my fellow country-folk, because he’s our new Prime Minister as of last weekend!

With Tony Abbott at the helm, this is what we have to look forward to:

Foreign AidNo more charity (but better roads)

Courtesy of our mining boom, we weathered the global financial crisis better than any country on the globe. Now we’re apparently too rich to help out anyone in need.

Stop Boats

No more refugees

We’re so rich we can now afford to buy up all of Indonesia’s leaky boats before the people smugglers get to them. Innovative new plan to →

No more climate change

Climate Tax

Since Abbot believes climate change is just a load of “crap”, there’s no more need for any kind of forward environmental planning.

More ironing for housewives

In the world according to Abbot, women have less physiological aptitude for leadership, and abortion is just ‘the easy way out’. So we can soon expect a return to this…





I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to get back to the…


1.  Volunteer for Mars.

If my head hadn’t been buried in the video project that will never end, maybe I would have heard about it before the applications closed.

2.  Become a refugee.

The other day my hairdresser told me about a backpacker who overstayed her Visa.  She escaped on an Indonesian boat and is now happily posting Facebook updates from Nepal! I’m all up with the squatting toilet now, so this is sounding good. One small problem: They’re stopping all the boats!

3.  Become a hippie.

The same hairdresser asked me if I want to join her setting up a commune. All I need is $100,000. Sigh. Apparently it costs money to drop out of society, these days.

4.  Wash it all down with Martini and write this blog.

The 50’s were good for something, at least.


”Cause we’re all doomed, even if we’re livin’ on the moon…’

~ Brett Amaker  & the Rodeo

If someone offered you a ticket, would you move to Mars?


    • says

      In my opinion? A small-minded man couldn’t handle being replaced by a woman and set about a nasty, public campaign to destabilise his own government, until the majority felt they had no choice but to vote for the opposition. That, and people will believe anything to avoid change (eg. on climate change and the economy), especially if they think it serves their own selfish interests…

    • says

      It wasn’t really anything he did, I don’t think. It was 6 years of public, gender-based infighting over leadership of the previous government that effectively handed it to him. That and, sadly, a healthy dose of selfishness and fear of change (re: climate) on the part of voters. My opinion, of course.

  1. says

    I live in Texas, USA, and our state government sounds a lot like the type proposed by Mr. Abbott. Hang in there. Even in Texas, the winds of change are blowing. (Seriously, I’m more optimistic than I’ve been in years.)

      • says

        The Canary is currently stuck in Kenya (!) with a base in NYC but originally from Northern Europe. Small-mindedness dove-tailed with ultra-conservative values (plus a few other toxic ingredients) is is a poisonous mix. I know what I am talking about… trust me;)

      • says

        I am happy to tell you all about it;) I have been around for quite a bit, which is related to my academic background + the jobs I had after university. But, honestly, I wouldn’t mind being in NY for a few years and putting my world-citizenship on ice for a while. Maybe I am getting old?! Hehe.

  2. says

    Alarna….this really does sound depressing. We had a similar thing happen with the Mayor in the City of Toronto in Canada. It is so discouraging to watch these leaders stifle years of progressive policies when you know that there are so many people who will be harmed because of it. In Canada, our federal government has moved backward on a number of important issues such as climate change as well. But I have to admit that, in Canada, no politician dares to touch the abortion issue because Canadians are very clear about a woman’s right to choose. Kim

    • says

      I am sobered to hear that Canada has gone backwards – it always struck me as a quite progressive nation. But I guess these things go in cycles. Deliberately Delicious Sally was telling me she didn’t think the kind of sexism would happen in Canada, so I’m glad it hasn’t reached these kinds of lows. We’ll keep our sights fixed firmly on the future, and see what happens, hey? Thanks Kim! 🙂

  3. says

    Politics make me ill. Apparently Obama is up to his eyeballs in some serious shit over something in Syria. Thanks to my media blackout, I know next to nothing of it. You should add that to your solutions. Media blackout baby!

  4. liz says

    I was following the elections and I just couldn’t believe it! Sounds exactly like what’s going down in North Carolina. Like freaking exactly. I don’t understand the things happening in the world… what a scary, global, mess. Make me a martini!

    • says

      With pleasure, Liz! *chink* It is sobering to realise that this is a global pattern, not just something that is happening here in our own little backwater. I like to think of it as the old way, digging in his heals for one last try, before the new way sweeps in and…says goodbye for good.

    • says

      Yes, you are blessed in that sense! I’m sure it must have something to do with the rise in ‘donkey’ votes… As well as the random collection of donkeys we now have in the Senate. People who could vote didn’t know what to do, either!

  5. lynnkelleyauthor says

    I hate politics, and don’t have faith in any politicians anymore. Presidential elections get uglier and uglier and it’s hard to stomach it all.

  6. lynnkelleyauthor says

    I just noticed you’ve been blogging over a year now! How can that be, Alarna? It seems like we just met online! Wow!

  7. says

    So sorry to hear this, Alarna. I didn’t get into politics until I graduated high school, and now I’ve become a poster-child for Human Rights. I had a professor tell me that one person can’t make a difference and that there needs to be a public consensus if a change is to occur. But, Mathair always taught me that a roaring fire had a to have that initial spark. Perhaps your blog and the things you’re writing could start that? Of course, my first reaction to anything is a stiff drink, but… hey… I’m Irish! 😉

  8. sf says

    I like the poster of the superhero girl carrying the guy with her one arm. Oh, I’ve always wanted to be able to do that. How cool it would be to be able to lift dead weight in a swoop. If I could do that, I’d volunteer to be a medic asap!


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