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    Am I first comment? BOOM. I’m good today!! OR I have no life and am not spending the day editing like I should….shhhhh

    Man flu is a real thing, but I don’t buy that it’s because of their immune systems or any other craziness. They just need to be babies every once and a while.

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    I don’t have time for people like that. It feels like some kind of weird psychological game where no one is telling the truth and no one knows how anyone feels. No fun at all. I’d check her off the list of people I can get close to and move on.

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    I do feel old about the way people do things now. I find all sorts of things mysterious. I don’t know why we’re mean to each other, I don’t know why we put up with articles in magazines telling us to dump people who are going through a difficult time, I don’t know why we’re encouraged to be cruel to each other.

    I’ve been thinking about this for awhile.

    Kudos to you and Ms. for wanting to find a way to be kind.

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      To be fair to Zoe, she’s a lovely chick and I think in some fantasy reality she really does want to visit and soak up some sea air. But she just can’t get her s*#t together to make it happen! I agree with you, though, there’s a fine line between not taking on other people’s issues, and being outright mean. A symptom of the selfish world we live in….

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    I can’t imagine anyone not bending over backwards to spend time with you Alarna!! Blow that shit off, let it go & move one! You deserve better baby!! You used the word “Excuse” and friends shouldn’t make excuses for hurting each other. I could see if it was a one time thing. But clearly this girl’s a repeat offender. Which means she searches for excuses not to spend time with you! What I want to type might not go over well with your other commenters because I think that’s just cruel, plain & simple! As southerners, raised with a mother/nana who’s manners had no varied degrees one can at least be civil. Wish we we’re close by Alarna. Cuz we would’ve thrown a Girls night Movie/ice-cream sleepover & had you long over Zoe & well into a Brad Pitt Marathon! ❤ ❤

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      You ladies are too sweet for words! Of course, I was a bit hurt by the whole thing, but my solution was to make light of it in this post! Though I’m beginning to think I have instead traumatised the blogosphere on my behalf. So let me assure you, I am no longer hurt – and we both believe her excuses have far less to do with us, and far more her own inability to get it together. Girls night is absolutely a fab idea – can we maybe replace the ice-cream with martini and, ahem, Brad Pitt with Angelina Jolie? And then we’ll be in heaven 😉

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    Your friend is full of crap. Contrary to popular belief, most men prefer to be left alone when they’re sick. What a stupid excuse to cover for the fact that she just didn’t feel like going out.
    If ever I make it to your neck of the woods, I’ll make it to dinner even IF I have a vicious case of the man-flu!

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      Ah, I’ve been waiting for the male contingent to chime in! And there we have it, right from the source of all the trouble! Can I use this as future amunition? 😉

      A hearty soup with plenty of chilli, ginger and garlic on the menu for you, in that case!

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    While I do think men don’t handle the common cold as well as women, that also means they fall into bed and pass out for the day. In other words, your friend didn’t really have to be there taking care of him because most likely he was sleeping the whole time. She probably didn’t feel like going out and made up an excuse. If I lived closer, I would have been happy to take her place. 🙂

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    Oh that was a sad old excuse to not show up. I’m sure men suffer terribly with their man-flu but I am also sure Zoe could have left him alone for a little while. I was left alone at home with the flu when I was 14 and Mum had to go to work!

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      There you go – if a child can do it, what more a man! Although permit me to feel a little sorry for you, home alone at 14. At least if that’s going to happen, you don’t want to have the flu, right? 🙂

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    I don’t really get colds — does this mean I lack virility? If so, it is a worthwhile tradeoff, in my mind, for never getting sick, which is awesome. I love having a healthy body and I hope never to take it for granted.

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      I’m not sure I’d read too much into that 😉 If I understand the ‘science?’ on that, testosterone doesn’t make you more or less susceptible to getting colds. Just makes you have a lousy time when you do get them. So whatever it is you’re doing – keep doing it! 🙂

  9. lynnkelleyauthor says

    No excuse for not calling to say she can’t make it for whatever reason. I hate it when I’m expecting someone and they don’t show up. When my hubby gets the flu, he gets super duper sick, like he’s dying, but he takes care of himself. Mainly sleeps it off, snoozing between the coughs. You were more patient than I would have been. Should have eaten the goodies right away!

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      Well, I am impressed with these wonderfully gallant men who take care of themselves when they’re sick! But then, sleeping it off really is the best medicine, so I guess that’s not so hard 😉 Next time (there won’t be a next time) I will not be so patient, I promise 🙂

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    What! If expecting someone to show up when they say they will is old school, well, I say loud and proudly that I am old school! And,no, man flu is not a good reason to ditch anyone. I’ve got my husband and when he has man flu he’s grown up enough to take care of himself without disturbing the life of everyone around him. With due respect, this kind of people annoy me. It’s as if they expect others to be at their feet any time they want to…

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      Yeah! A bit of old school indignation is what we need around here 🙂 It wouldn’t normally take me three goes to get wise to this kind of thing, but there were exceptions. Not anymore! I’m glad to hear there are some grown up men out there, though. Sounds like you got a good one 🙂

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    I don’t know about the man flu, but do have a relative that does the cough and cancel phone call instead of showing up as they said they would. Not a nice feeling. Their loss though. Especially when there’s treasures such as leek and cauliflower puffs. Those sound good!

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      “Cough-and-cancel phone call”! Lol. I love that… Well, that’s right. Their loss entirely. The puffs are pretty yum, and we were happy to eat them all in her stead. Might be a future recipe share, maybe… 🙂

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